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USB/PC104 bridge controls from USB of the personal computer as for PC/1040

HUSB-BRG1040 can control the PC/104 standard product by way of USB. In the product of our company, HP104D-CPD364, HPC104-CPD132, HPC104-CTR122F, and HP104D-DIO396/364, etc. can be controlled.

The I/O port of the board of 8bit in the width of the data bus in accordance with the PC/104 bus can be input and output from PC(*1) by way of USB.
- 1. PC. that had port of USB1.1 or USB2.0.
This product is a board that suits Universal Serial Bus 1.1 Full Speed(12Mbps).
The size of the board is PC/104 standard size.
The power supply is Self Power. It equips with external power supply terminal (+5V) for the PC/104 bus.
Four applications LED can be arbitrarily used from the user application.
Board ID to distinguish two or more BRG is prepared.
BRG up to 16 can be used.
WindowsXP/2000/98 the standard appends "Driver", "Sample software", and "trial tour ".


USB specification
USB specification
Universal Serial Bus 1.1 Full Speed(12Mbps)
Self password device(external power supply +5V)
Width of data bus


Controlling acceptable

PC/104 board

I/Omap7ed port board
Ambient conditions
Current consumption
100mA Max
  Temperature conditions
0 to 50 (no condensation)
  Dimensions(mm) 90.17mm ×95.88mm