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- Movement stimulation device"Rotation chair controller"

It is used in the diagnosis and the field of research of "Dizziness". The actuator is Brashures and DD servo. After it decelerates, and it accelerates, the rotation mode is immediately Matatatashi of the signature pendulum movement, the rectangular pendulum movement, and Matataugo. The feature rotates very smooth. It is a no sound. Rotation corner speed: 0.01 /sec-200 /sec
Corner acceleration: 0.1 /sec2 - 100 /sec2

The chair of the science to which the first astronaut in the Japanese also sat is controlled.
Hivertec has beem high reputation in the field of the motion control system now. Especially, it is introduced into a lot of major companies, research laboratories, and universities for the control of the servo motor and it contributes to the emerging technology greatly. For instance, there is "Inspection device of dizziness" used in Osaka University. It is a system that makes the patient sit on the chair, makes various movements medically calculated done, and inspects the state of dizziness. Mr. Akiyama, first astronaut in Japan also is trying "Inspection of space sickness" system developed as the application. It will be able to be said that engineer's dream was exactly achieved. One person one is positively working on the improvement of the technology always aiming at the comprehensive manufacturer of the motion control to be able to answer all needs.