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CPD series : Motion control boards (Motor control boards)

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CPD series : Specific Feature

Acceleration/deceleration functionr
Asymmetric acceleration/deceleration is possible.
(Automatic acceleration/deceleration contorol starts when the deceleration times is less than twice the acceleration time)
Start positioning control ,during a simple movement, by detecting the PCS signal at pass point.
Linear interpolations
Multiaxial interpolation for 2 to 4 axes.
Constant speed control (3-axis spped control principle is also applied to 4-axis systems)
Acceleration/deceleration control available
Circular interpolation functions
Capable of circular interpolatin of any two axes out of four
Circular constant-speed control
Circular control with acceletion/deceleration but with constant speed control disabled
Forced finishing of circular movement at the end of pointe
Linear high-speed or circular constant-speed movement using acceleration blocks, and deceleration blocks

Timing output of pass points and synchronous output
Timing output of pass points
External output
Synchronous output (Example:External synchronization output for every 1000-pulse movement)
Position override function
Change to farther point
Change to farther point during deceleration
Change to previous pass point
Conditional starts
Z axis automatically starts moving when the motions of X- and Y-axes end
Other axes start at specified pass point