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- Meaning of collaboration

Our company has handled the motion control technology ,since foundation.
Recently, a lot of advantages can be offered to the user by timely by integrating the technology of a field near the application like the basic software (realtime Operating System) for the control of the product related to our motion control and the other companies, the image data processing, and the control of the sensor, etc. to answer customer's needs as our mission because the motion control technology extends, and the user's demand for the motion control technology has upgraded.
・There is a control board that has the camera trigger output signal as a commercialization example.
Because the switch of the mechanism system and the taking a picture device (shutter switch) can be controlled at the same time with this board developed aiming at the inspection device etc. using the image data processing, the system that takes a picture of the image when the position of the mechanism system comes to the position can be easily constructed.

user application
Figure 1: The collaboration environment that can correspond to various OS is achieved.
- The collaboration with the other companies is promoted.

Our company is positively working on the collaboration with the other companies to enhance and to evolve the solution offered to the user. There are greatly two purposes that our company advances the collaboration now.
- 1. Substantiality of the software environment
Especially, it cooperates with two or more OS manufacturers to do to maintain the driver software for the this company control board corresponding to various OS. Because the customer adopts various realtime Operating Systems to improve the reliability of the system, and to pursue the speed-up of the control, driver's development manufacturer develops the driver for our motion board product to correspond to a lot of OS.

"Realtime Operating System and offer Maker"
The driver for "INtime" is micronet.
The driver for "QNX" is Forks.
The driver for "VxWorks" is Wellbean.

- 2. The suggestion of an actual machineless development environment
Micronet, Interdesign, and we developed virtual mechanism simulator "VisualMech" Actual machineless environmental, now. (Figure 2).
As a characteristic, software for the control can be verified by moving the mechanism system displayed on the screen of the computer even if there is no actual hardware because this is debug a tool of the control software that uses virtual mechatoronics.
Concretely, because it had the function to generate a virtual mechanism system from CAD data, the speed where each part moved was made not only tracks of the movement of the mechanism system but also for the user to able to construct an arbitrary virtual model, and to be reproduced on the computer.
"Current state of development"
・Development of the first stage: Execution of real-time demonstration - Completion
・Development of Ni stage: Simulation that handles model of mechanism system actually - Completion
・The development of the third stage: It is possible to simulate it by using the mechanism system that the user developed - Completion

Figure 2: Virtual mechanism simulator "VisualMech?" actual machineless environment developing now