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2007/03/30 motionCAT Moition Netwtemork system: MotionCAT is Motion Network system for FA to control the motor, and I/O by Lan cable according to the high-speed communication.
2005/06/28 HPCI-CPD5212M PCI BUS
12 axes board, High-speed positioning, line interpolation, and circular interpolation board
2005/06/07 For motion control board made of our company:
Motion Driver for QNX Neutrino Motion Driver for QNX Neutrino was released from Forks inc.
2005/04/12 HPCI-SCT584F:
Measurement data readout board for super-high-resolution evaluation cereal encoder [MicroE Systems in USA]
Exhibition to the booth in motor technological MicroE Systems on Wednesday, 20th through Friday, 22th in April.
2005/04/12 [USB/PC104 bridge] HUSB-BRG1040
USB of the personal computer controls PC/104. The PC/104 module is controlled by way of USB instead of CPU of PC/104.
2005/04/12 HPC-CPD278 ISA Bus 8 axes board
2004/12/15 Coming double size PC104D board of HP104D-CPD364MR/CB/KR Detials....Here
2004/04/23 HPCI-CTR544F  32 bit Up/Down Counter Board super-high-speed 45MHz!.