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About the approach on the RoHS instruction correspondence

- Hivertec arranged the lineup of a motion board and a related product corresponding to the RoHS instruction of Europe in advance of the industry.
- Hivertec was shipped as lead free product (G lot) that made most of the main product lead free for correspondence to the RoHS instruction by the end of 2005. Moreover, investigations of the poisonous substance other than the lead specified by the RoHS instruction were executed.
- The RoHS instruction correspondence was completed by June, 2006. We will ship the product for RoHS as an environmental consideration product (E lot). Moreover, ISO14001 was acquired in April, 2006.

- 1 After digesting the stock of the uncorrespondence goods, we will deliver the corresponded product .
However, please inquire of our sales in the case of dispatch.
- 2 The motion boards, the connector boards, and various cables were prepared for the RoHS instruction.
- 3 Please inquire even our sales in detail.
Sales Department: TEL:03-3846-3801

Product logo mark for our company RoHS

"Explanation of number of lot of our company" H lot:Lot number of product of our company G lot:Lead free solder product: Lot number of product manufactured with lead free solder E lot:Environmental consideration product: Lot number of done product for RoHS instruction

In corporate principles and the policy to the environment, Hivertec has offered the product for free lead and making to a no washing since June, 2006. In addition, non-content of the poisonous substance based on the RoHS instruction is promoted.
"RoHS"? - RoHS:Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electric equipment Instruction in use prohibition of six materials of lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, Pori smell making biphenyl (PBB), and Pori smell making Difenelatel (PBDE) that electric appliance shop in accordance with Article EC95 contains. The RoHS instruction is translated into "Use prohibition instruction of the poisonous substance".