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Environmental policy

When we develop, manufacture, and sell the product and applied product, etc. based on the technology of "Movement", we execute the active conduct of business that considers the environment. We make an effort to secure the global environment succeeded to the next generation. We promote this purpose, and we provide the following environmental policies, and promote the environmental preservation activity for achievement.

1.< spirit and scope >
We confirm the impact on the environment by the active conduct of business and the product, try to prevent environmental pollution concretely, and set the purpose and the target to social environmental preservation human, technically, and economically in a possible range. Moreover, we attempt the improvement to which the environmental preservation activity continues by properly reviewing these.

2.< problem >
To achieve the social objective of environmental preservation, we offer the ecologically friendly product. Concretely, we promise the offer of the product for the RoHS instruction.

3.< Administration organization >
We maintain the system of environmental protection, and try to improve to defend the regulations system related to the environment and the environmental requirement from the user.

4.< practice and effort >
We aim at the understanding thoroughness of an environmental policy for all employees through environmental education. Moreover, we try the maintenance improvement of "Environmental management system" by auditing internal

5.< making of promise public >
In general, we promise by opening this environmental policy to the public to our homepage.

October 26, 2005
Hivertec Ltd. Representative director President Osamu Saito